Welcome to Summer Reading Club 2020! 

Due to the health restrictions in place, our Summer Reading Club program will be running a little differently this year, as it will take place online.  To participate, all you need to do is join at bcsrc.ca to track your reading, earn digital badges, a completion certificate, and participate in fun activities! Below you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions about Summer Reading Club and links to join in the fun!

The theme of Summer Reading Club this year is:

Explore Our Universe!


What is the Summer Reading Club?

The BC Summer Reading Club is a free reading program for school-age children (ages 5–14). It is a great way to practice or improve reading skills over the summer and have fun! Children can read storybooks, information books, graphic novels, and even comic books! They read in whatever language they wish and in whatever format they prefer, including audiobooks. They can also listen to someone else read or tell stories.

Can we use a paper copy of the reading log rather than go online?

Yes! However, we do still ask that you register online as well – it also gives you access to the weekly activities. If you wish, you can pick up a paper copy at the library: simply give us a call or email us to arrange a time to pick it up from Monday – Saturday between 10 am – 1 pm.

How do we register online?

Visit bcsrc.ca to sign up for Summer Reading Club. Having trouble? You can find detailed instructions on how to register your child online here.

How will the online activities work?

Beginning June 29th, a new set of activities will be made available each week from the bcsrc.ca site.  Weekly activities have been divided into two age groups: children aged 5-8 years, and those aged 9-14 years old.

Activities will include short videos of crafts and experiments (along with a downloadable pdf). In addition, there will be colouring sheets, crossword puzzles and word finds, and more!

Do I need a library card to join the BC Summer Reading Club?

You don’t need a library card to join the Summer Reading Club! However, if you would like to borrow some books or digital materials, you can sign up for a library card!

Who did all the amazing artwork for Summer Reading Club this year? 

This year Bambi Edlund is the artist who created the artwork for Summer Reading Club. Bambi lives in Vancouver, BC with a large Bernese mountain dog named Beatrix and a big fluffy cat named Midge. If you’d like to see more of her artwork visit her website.

Is the Summer Reading Club available in other languages?

The BC Summer Reading Club program materials are bilingual (English and French) but children are encouraged to read books in whatever language they feel most comfortable, including ASL (American Sign Language).

What if we miss a day of reading?

No problem! Just keep reading. After 7 days of reading, your child will earn a sticker or digital badge!

What if my child can’t finish the program?

Your child can still collect stickers even if they don’t finish. The reading record is yours to keep!

What if we will be traveling this summer?

Keep reading! If you are traveling within BC this summer, you can visit any public library — all participating libraries have been provided with extra stickers for visitors (please note that some locations may not be open to visitors). If you are traveling out of the province, just let your library know!