Art on Display

Show off your creative spirit in the library!

The library provides a wonderful venue for you to show your art to the community. If you are interested in booking space, refer to the application form below.

Art Exhibition Space application

Currently on display:

James Donovan.

James has lived in and around Pemberton for 18 years. He started painting about two years ago as a way to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. He lives in Poole Creek now and enjoys the solitude and tranquility that comes from being disconnected from the virtual world. He is always trying to find interesting and different subjects to paint. Starting with landscapes and then animals and finally portraits. His goal is to allow the viewer to feel something and engage their imagination. He’s a big fan of the impressionists and has hopes of mastering their techniques one day.

All items on display are for sale. Inquire at the library if you are interested in making a purchase.